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I ordered some prints--if I could have managed it, I'd have ordered all 594 of the regular Butterfly pix! They are gorgeous. Just fabulous. BTW (and I know everyone can read this--sorry!), on one of the pix, I am aware that I have white at the top and bottom of the pic. I actually want the pic without the white, but could not figure out how to crop/resize it on my iPad.. Tried to drag the corners, etc. I would like the WHOLE orchestra in the pic(that is, all the people possible), most especially the timpanist :) at the back... If the only way to do this is to print it with the white, that's perfectly fine with me! Also, the selection/shopping cart was good, too. Bravo!
Thee Photo Ninja
Thank you for being patient. The photos are uploaded and the gallery is open! Hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed shooting this event!
Can't wait to see all the photos--do you know when they might be ready for viewing? Thanks!
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